How AI Can Help and Hurt Your Job Search

How AI Can Help and Hurt Your Job Search

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in the hiring process, from all points of view involved. As a job seeker, you can empower yourself by strategically leveraging AI,  and be proactive in mitigating the risks that AI can pose to your objectives. Here's a quick synopsis on how:

How AI Can Hurt Job Seekers:

  • AI Can Be Biased. AI algorithms are trained on data that is collected from the real world, and this data can be unfair, especially with regard to hiring decisions. I commend efforts like those of the Brookings Institute in terms of identifying and reducing harm caused by algorithmic/code bias. However, job seekers, resume writers, and others involved in the candidate success process must do as much as possible individually and collectively to mitigate this inevitable obstacle.
  • AI Can Be Used to Automate the Hiring Process. As AI becomes more sophisticated, it is becoming possible to automate more and more of the hiring process. This means that there will be fewer opportunities for human interaction, which can hurt job seekers who are not able to effectively communicate their skills and experience through a computer screen.

How AI Can Help Job Seekers

  • AI Can Help Job Seekers Find Relevant Job Openings, Faster and More Efficiently. AI-powered job boards can scan millions of job postings and identify those that are a good fit for a job seeker's skills and experience. This can save job seekers a lot of time and effort in their job search.
  • AI Can Help Job Seekers Tailor Their Resumes and Cover Letters. AI-powered tools can analyze a job seeker's resume and identify keywords that are relevant to the job they are applying for. This can help job seekers ensure that their resumes are seen by actual hiring managers.
  • AI Can Help Job Seekers Prepare for Interviews. AI-powered tools can provide job seekers with practice questions and feedback on their answers. This can help job seekers feel more confident and prepared for their interviews. Even LinkedIn itself offers an instant AI-driven interview feedback tool (click here to check it out).

    AI is a powerful tool that can be used to help or hurt job seekers. It is important for job seekers to be aware of the potential benefits and risks of AI so that they can make the most of it. By using AI-powered tools wisely, job seekers can increase their chances of finding a job that is a good fit for their skills and experience.

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