WTF is the Hold Up? - Why Modern Interviewing Takes So Long

WTF is the Hold Up? - Why Modern Interviewing Takes So Long

Despite the daily news of layoffs, there are still lots of job opportunities in the market. Also, despite the urgency in which certain requisitions "need" to be filled, expect to pump the brakes a bit in every interview pipeline for multiple rounds of thorough interrogation. Employers want culture-fit, dependability over long periods of time, and the most amazing candidate they can find for the most affordable rate they can pay. Think of the interview process as the dating phase - Employers want as many dates as it takes for them to be comfortable committing to a serious, long-term relationship. So, if you're like many people wondering "WTF is the hold up?" - well, you either haven't wowed them enough yet, or they have analysis paralysis because of the following reasons:

  1. Competition for Talent: Competition for top talent is always high, and companies are taking their time to make sure they find the right person for the job. Much like in the world of dating, you have to be fairly convincing to differentiate yourself and standout from the rest.
  2. Comprehensive Assessments: With so many qualified candidates to choose from, employers need to be thorough in their assessment process in order to make an informed hiring decision. This often involves conducting multiple rounds of interviews to gather as much information as possible about the candidate.
  3. Assessing Company Culture Fit: Company culture is becoming increasingly important for both employers and employees, and organizations are taking their time to make sure that candidates fit in well with the company culture - (connect with me here at FORTIPHI to learn more about how to clarify your fit with a company's culture, and thereby expedite your way into a job offer).
  4. Verifying References: Not sure how consistent this is actually done in general, but many companies decide to take the extra step of verifying references before making a final hiring decision. This process can take several weeks, and may involve multiple rounds of interviews with former employers and colleagues.
  5. Technology: Most companies are leveraging technology, such as online assessments and virtual interviews, to gather information about candidates. These tools provide a more comprehensive view of a candidate's skills and abilities, but can also add several rounds to the interview process.

While the multiple rounds of interviews can be time-consuming and frustrating for Job Seekers, they are a necessary part of the hiring process for many Employers. Candidates who are prepared for multiple rounds of interviews and who understand the reasons behind the process are more likely to be successful in securing the job they want.

That's why the FORTIPHI motto is "Be Resilient - Endure - Conquer!" Stay tenacious out there folks.

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